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Do you know someone with hearing loss? There’s help

Courtesy of the Daily Mercury

PEOPLE in Mackay who suffer hearing loss there is now a group that’s ‘hear with you’.

In a first for the city, the local Deaf Services Queensland has the support of a group of volunteers who will give people suffering hearing loss the attention they need.

And it starts today.

Mackay Hearing principal audiologist and director Jodie Miles said the new group, named Hear With You, provides meaningful support not currently available for our community.

“Deaf Services Queensland runs a comprehensive program of services for our local deaf community and, for the first time, this will be complemented by a local support group for people managing hearing loss,” Ms Miles said.

“While your audiologist should remain your first point of contact for a diagnosis, advice on treatment options and general support, there is a lot to be gained from peer-based support – people to share experiences and tips with, who are potentially going through the same challenges as you”.

“I’ve had many clients ask about the existence of this type of group, and we are so excited to see it come to fruition”.

The group is run by volunteers from Mackay Hearing, but is completely independent from the clinic.

“People who use the services of other hearing clinics are more than welcome to attend”, she said.

‘Hear With You’ will meet on the second Monday of every month, starting this Monday at 10am at North Mackay Bowls Club, at 74-76 Malcomson St.


Article appeared in the Daily Mercury on 9 April 2018.

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