Free services for pensioners / DVA

Mackay Hearing is accredited to provide free and subsidised hearing services and products to eligible pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program.

Program inclusions

Eligible recipients receive standard hearing appointments, such as comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings and follow-ups and annual reviews, for free.

Entry level hearing aids and some other devices are available for free. Hearing aids with increased levels of technology are available at a subsidised cost. Hearing aid consumables (such as batteries and replaceable parts) are available through a subsidised (and inexpensive) yearly subscription.

The Hearing Services Program website provides more details on program inclusions.


If you meet any of the below, you may be eligible. Up to date and full details can be found on the Hearing Services Program website.

Do you:

  •         Hold a Pensioner Concession Card
  •         Hold Veteran’s Gold Card
  •         Get Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  •         Hold a Veteran’s White Repatriation Health Card for hearing loss

Are you:

  •         Dependant on someone who holds any of the above
  •         A member of the Australian Defence Force
  •         A member of the Disability Employment Services (DES)
  •         Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander and 50+ or involved in the ‘Remote Jobs and Communities Program’
  •         Younger than 26 years old
  •         Referred by your National Disability Insurance Agency Planner to services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

If so, then you may be eligible for Government Hearing Services.

I think I’m eligible, what now?

If you would like more information on the Hearing Services program, call us on (07) 4952 4649, email us at [email protected], or view the Hearing Services Program wesbite.

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