Consultation preparation

When you come in for your hearing appointment, you will looked after by our Audiologist who can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Before your appointment, you can prepare in a few ways. Our pre-visit booklet contains key information on your appointment, and includes a set of questions that we can review during your visit. We suggest printing this out to fill out and bring to your appointment. If your main concern with your hearing is about tinnitus, you will be provided with a questionnaire prior or during your appointment with us. The results of this questionnaire will form the basis of any tinnitus discussions.

If you have completed our hearing questionnaire, you can also bring your results on the day.

Some other ways you can prepare are:

    • Asking you friends or family who have noticed any changes in your hearing to make a list of what they have noticed
    • Ask your friends or family to attend your appointment with you
    • Write down any key medical information related to issues you have had with your ears
    • Note any medications, vitamins or supplements you are taking
    • Summarise your work history, especially any roles that may have exposed you to any noise
    • Write down any questions you have for your hearing specialist
    • Limit exposure to excessive workplace noise at least 48 hours prior to a workplace or WorkCover hearing assessment.
    • Feel free to ask your General Practitioner (GP) to check for any wax blocking your ears. However, your hearing specialist at Mackay Hearing can gently remove ear wax during your hearing appointment, if required.

If you would like further information on what to expect and how to prepare for your hearing appointment, contact our friendly local staff directly on (07) 4952 4649 or email us at [email protected].

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