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Cochlear implant program launches in Mackay

A new Cochlear implant program is set to be officially launched in Mackay this week, as part of Hearing Awareness Week. For the first time, prospective cochlear implant candidates will be able to access pre-surgery tests and counselling, the device ‘switch-on’, adjustments and ongoing support through a locally and independently owned hearing clinic. Surgical implantation […]

CASE STUDY – Success with CROS

Single Sided Deafness (SSD)(also called unilateral hearing loss) is the loss of hearing in one ear and is more common and more troublesome than most people realise. It’s typically caused by viral infections, Meniere’s disease, head or ear injuries, or as a result of surgical intervention to remove brain tumours. In addition to not hearing […]

Have it all with Moxi All

Mackay Hearing is proud to introduce Unitron’s Moxi All™– the world’s first rechargeable hearing aid that connects directly to any smart phone*. The new hearing aid delivers amazing sound quality and is the only device on the market connecting clients directly to conversations on any smart phone*, computer and TV without wearing a streamer, while […]

Volunteers needed to trial breakthrough hearing aid technology

Most people assume that hearing happens in the ears. It’s certainly true that ears receive sound, however it’s actually our brains that process sound into information that has meaning. “Our brains perceive sound more clearly when it is also making sense of other background sounds”, said Jodie Miles, Principal Audiologist and Director of Mackay Hearing. […]

Hear all about it – Hearing Awareness Week 2016

Hearing Awareness Week, a nation-wide initiative of the Deafness Forum of Australia, officially commences this Sunday! The central aim of Hearing Awareness Week is to highlight issues people with hearing loss deal with. The Deafness Forum of Australia also use the week to continue to campaign for greater recognition of issues relevant to hearing loss. […]

Mackay Hearing welcomes ACCC investigation

Mackay Hearing welcomes last week’s ACCC announcement of formal investigations into reported unscrupulous behaviour by some Audiology practitioners. The ACCC’s investigation is prompted by a 2015 public survey, which revealed a range of consumer concerns regarding the sale of hearing devices. The ACCC public survey was triggered by revelations of unethical practice broadcast on the […]