Hearing loss

If you feel you have difficulty hearing, it pays to get checked by a hearing care professional sooner rather than later. Improving your hearing and enjoying life to the full again takes two things; a high-performance hearing solution and the expertise of a hearing care professional to maximize its effectiveness.


Our ears are a highly complex system of canals, bones, hairs, nerves and cells which enable us to receive and process soundwaves.

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Not all concerns related to your hearing indicate hearing loss, but sometimes other hearing conditions. The tests conducted by our hearing professionals will determine if any of the below is affecting your hearing.

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Did you know it takes us on average over 7 years to take action against our hearing loss? In that time there are many signs and symptoms that we unnecessarily put up with that effect our overall wellbeing.

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Even though children vary in their development of speech, language and hearing, there are certain milestones that can be identified as a rough guide to normal development.

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We have answers to a number of frequently asked questions on hearing loss, hearing aids and maintenance. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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