Month: March 2017

Handy hints for hearing service consumers

In light of the recently released ACCC report on sales practices in the hearing industry, and Mackay Hearing’s response, Mackay Hearing’s Principal Audiologist and Director Jodie Miles thought it would be useful to share some handy hints for consumers requiring services from hearing clinics. “I empathise with consumers who are bombarded with slick advertising and a wide range of levels […]

Hearing industry told to listen up

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) put the Australian hearing aid sector on notice last week in relation to unscrupulous sales practices. The ACCC’s investigations found key issues regarding hearing aid sales in some hearing clinics, particularly those run by “major operators”, including: sales driven by incentives (such as commissions) rather than consumer needs […]

Happy World Hearing Day!

Today the World Health Organisation (WHO) once again raises awareness of hearing health all around the globe, with the annual World Hearing Day. This year’s theme for the initiative is “Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment” – aiming to draw attention to the economic impact of hearing loss. According to the WHO, “Unaddressed […]