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Hearing help

Courtesy of 7 Local News Mackay.

Letitia Wallace, Reporting: Glenda Froyland was 23 years old when she started noticing signs of hearing loss. A few years ago, she decided to get a cochlear implant. She says it’s completely changed her life.

Glenda Froyland: From being a person I was so dependent on my family and my husband, to be able to get my independence back again has just been an absolutely amazing journey.

Letitia Wallace: Glenda is now helping other people through a volunteer program.

Glenda Froyland: So we raise awareness out in the community of what is available to people if they choose to go down this pathway.

Letitia Wallace: Today experts from a range of services spoke with seniors about hearing loss and what support is out there.

Lisa Rainbow, Audiologist: In our region we are very lucky to have a cochlear implant surgeon and cochlear implant services through audiology clinics.

Letitia Wallace: Thousands of locals are affected by some degree of hearing difficulty.

Jodie Miles, Mackay Hearing: We’re looking at probably 28,000 people in Mackay, which is bigger than what’s going to fill the Cowboys stadium.

Letitia Wallace: The hearing health forum was held to coincide with the annual awareness month.

Jodie Miles: It’s good for people to be aware of the local faces, so they can become familiar and comfortable with who they can contact locally to get support.

Letitia Wallace: Letitia Wallace, 7 news.



Story appeared on 7 Local News Mackay on 30 August 2017.

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