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‘Hear With You’ group

Courtesy of 7 Local News Mackay

Amelia Simpson – Reporting: Navigating a hearing loss diagnosis can be isolating and Mackay Audiologist Jodie Miles wants to help change that.

She’s started Mackay’s first support group for people coping with the condition.

Jodie Miles – Mackay Hearing Audiologist: “Because of that gap in Mackay, in the local Mackay community, that’s why we decided we really need it.”

Amelia Simpson: She says this peer based support isn’t something locals can always get from hearing experts and it will help improve their mental health.

Jodie Miles: “Because most Audiologists don’t have a hearing loss, and they’re not really understanding completely what you are going through”.

Amelia Simpson: The group is called Hear for You.

Jodie Miles: “People have been sharing their stories about the different devices that they have, and the problems that they have with TV”.

Amelia Simpson: With a larger than expected turnout, the volunteer run support group is hoping to hold these sessions at least once a month.

Participants living with hearing loss say simply being able to relate over their condition makes them feel less alone.

Josephine Murphy – group participant: “It does happen to other people, so it is comforting knowing that other people are experiencing the same thing and they’ve got that support”.

Amelia Simpson: Amelia Simpson, 7 News.



Story appeared on 7 Local News Mackay on 9 April 2018.

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