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Hearing Awareness Week info morning – gallery

The 2017 Hearing Awareness Week Information Morning was an amazing event. Both local and visiting experts provided insights on a diverse range of hearing topics, and the morning was topped off with a surprise performance by the Northview State School Signing Choir. The event also featured an interpreter, captioning facility and a delicious morning tea.

Jodie Miles, Principal Audiologist and Director of Mackay Hearing was delighted with the event. “It was wonderful to see such a large turnout at this year’s event, and it was even more pleasing to see that the audience was fully engaged the entire morning” Ms Miles said.

“This year we teamed up with Deaf Services Queensland and Cochlear which meant a diverse range of  hearing topics were covered. As interesting as the presentations were, we think Northview’s Signing Choir stole the show with their wonderful performance”.

“We are proud to be active in raising awareness on hearing health, and look forward to doing it all again in the future”.


MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0623    MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0672

MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0716    MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0724

MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0735    MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0749

MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0789    MackayHearing_MorningTeaShoot_Aug-2017-0865


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