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Cochlear implant program launches in Mackay

A new Cochlear implant program is set to be officially launched in Mackay this week, as part of Hearing Awareness Week.

For the first time, prospective cochlear implant candidates will be able to access pre-surgery tests and counselling, the device ‘switch-on’, adjustments and ongoing support through a locally and independently owned hearing clinic. Surgical implantation of the device will continue to be carried out by surgeons in Townsville or Brisbane.

Mackay Hearing Principal Audiologist and Director Jodie Miles is thrilled to be offering the program through her local hearing clinic.

“These incredible devices substitute for damaged hair cells in the inner ear that no longer effectively fire sound signals to the brain” Ms Miles said.

“Multi-channel cochlear implants have been around since 1978, but the technology remains a marvel of medical science and it is continually being refined and improved. It is a very exciting part of the audiology profession”.

Gus Sacco has moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears and has been one of the first cochlear implant recipients through the new program.

“Switching the device on was a surreal experience. Hearing long-forgotten sounds and sounds ‘in-full’ again was unbelievable” Mr Sacco said.

“Hearing properly again and re-training nerve pathways is a big adjustment, but the expert local support I receive is tremendous, and I am getting great outcomes.”

The new cochlear implant program, as well as referral criteria and outcomes, will be discussed at the Primary Health Network education event for doctors this Wednesday night (6th March) in Mackay.

Renowned Brisbane based Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, Dr Andrew Chang, will speak at the event along with representatives from Cochlear and Mackay Hearing.


For more information, visit our Cochlear implants page.

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