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Advanced hearing services available in Mackay

HEARD what’s come to Mackay?

People with hearing loss due to untreatable outer or middle ear problems now have access to a local fitting service for advanced hearing aid technology that is fitted to the bone.

Previously a trip to Townsville or Brisbane was required to have these devices fitted, but the operation is now available locally through Mackay based Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr Luke Reid.

“I am delighted to be able to offer this surgery in Mackay, saving local recipients time and money by avoiding the need to travel,” Dr Reid said.

“This hearing aid enhances a natural process whereby sound is conducted directly to the inner ear through the bone of the skull.”

Mackay Hearing Principal Audiologist and Director Jodie Miles is also thrilled that this “remarkable technology is now easier for people in our region to access.”

“After being fitted through surgery, these devices must be programmed and maintained by an audiologist. The positive outcomes achieved from these devices are compelling,” Ms Miles said.

The new service already has a potential future candidate. Josephine Murphy was born with no outer ear or ear canal on the right side and has profound hearing loss on the left.

Josephine has used powerful hearing aids for a number of years, but her hearing has continued to decline.

If my hearing gets worse, conventional hearing aids will probably not be strong enough to help me hear effectively, and I’ve been told I might be a candidate for a bone anchored hearing aid,” Ms Murphy said.

“If I go down this path, having both the surgery and programming undertaken locally makes it all the more appealing.”


For more information, visit our Bone conduction implants page.

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