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Volunteers needed to trial breakthrough hearing aid technology

Most people assume that hearing happens in the ears. It’s certainly true that ears receive sound, however it’s actually our brains that process sound into information that has meaning.

“Our brains perceive sound more clearly when it is also making sense of other background sounds”, said Jodie Miles, Principal Audiologist and Director of Mackay Hearing. “Traditional hearing aids only receive sound in front, with background sounds suppressed. This makes our brains work harder to fill-in missing information and it’s why hearing loss can be so tiring and drain mental energy needed for everyday activities.”

Fortunately, cutting edge hearing aids featuring revolutionary BrainHearing™ technology offer exciting new options for people with hearing loss. Mackay Hearing is among the first hearing clinics in Australia to offer the new Oticon Opn. Powered by an ultra-fast microchip, the Opn are the first hearing aids able to embrace the full 360 degree soundscape – helping your brain hear sound easier, clearer and better, even in challenging listening situations like restaurants or social gatherings.

“Studies have shown that Oticon Opn can make hearing easier on the brain,” explains Ms Miles. “Testing is reported to consistently show that Opn increases speech understanding, of utmost importance to hearing aid users, by 30%*.  People who wear the Opn also devote 20% less effort trying to understand speech*.  Because less effort is required to understand, wearers are able to remember 20% more of what was said**.”

In addition, Oticon Opn offers easy connectivity to a variety of smartphones and is the world’s first internet connected hearing device.

Oticon Opn’s performance is proven but research and development is ongoing. As part of this, Mackay Hearing is calling for volunteers to participate in a FREE 30 day trial of these new hearing aids.

“We are incredibly excited to be offering the Oticon Opn on a trial basis” Ms Miles said. “For no cost, our clients will be able to experience first-hand the benefits of this cutting edge technology. Also, feedback gained from trial participants will be invaluable and will contribute towards further research and development”.

If you are interested in participating in the FREE 30 day trial of Oticon Opn hearing aids, register by phoning 4952 4649, e-mail listening@mackayhearing.com.au or submit your details at mackayhearing.com.au.

Unfortunately the opportunity to trial the Opn hearing aids is for a limited time only. To secure your place in the trial, please contact Mackay Hearing by close-of-business 23 December 2016.




Find out more about Mackay Hearing at mackayhearing.com.au or call 4952 4649.


*Compared to Oticon Alta2 Pro

**Individual benefit may vary depending on prescription