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Released in Australia in late March 2018, the Moxi All (TM) is Unitron’s latest and most advanced hearing aid. Driven by Unitron’s acclaimed Tempus (TM)  platform, Moxi All (TM) features include:

  • made to connect directly with all phones* – not just iPhones (R)
  • hands free calling – there’s no need to touch the phone. Moxi All (TM) users clearly hear what the caller is saying, while microphones on the hearing aid transmit their voice to their mobile phone.
  • wirelessly connect to the TV^ , computer, tablet or stereo without wearing a streamer
  • amazing sound quality for in-person conversations
  • rechargeable freedom – an easy overnight charge provides the freedom to stay in the conversation all day.

* Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile

^ With TV connector accessory

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Mackay Hearing invite you to experience the latest in hearing technology

To celebrate the release of Unitron’s Moxi All, Mackay Hearing is offering the chance to experience this cutting edge technology through a FREE, no obligation 4 week trial.

Trial participants receive:

  • FREE hearing assessment by a university-qualified Audiologist
  • FREE fitting of the Moxi All hearing aid on the same day
  • FREE use of the device for 4 weeks
  • Access to the Remote Plus app to rate your experiences in Real time

Trial it - Wear it - Love it

Register for the FREE trial today

People interested in participating in the free trial can register by contacting Mackay Hearing:

Registrations for the free trial close at 5.00pm on Friday 29 June 2018.

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