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Let’s hear it for the blokes

Courtesy of The Midweek

How many men does it take to do a hearing check? A whole shed-full!

As part of Men’s Health Week, Mackay Hearing will be conducting free hearing health checks at the Mackay’s Iona West Men’s Shed on 14 June.

Mackay Hearing Director and Principal Audiologist Jodie Miles said that hearing loss was more common in males.

“On average, it takes people about seven years for someone to do something about hearing loss – and it can have serious repercussions to their overall health,” Jodie said.

“Untreated hearing loss can lead to a number of other issues – such as cognitive decline, meaning that your brain isn’t as responsive as it could be, and being socially isolated because you can’t keep up with conversations around you.

“This isolation often leads to feeling lonely, lacking in confidence and depressed. Which is why we wanted to help Mackay region men to be proactive about identifying and tackling any potential hearing issues, before they become a big problem.”

Hearing screenings are quick, easy and don’t hurt a bit – and can pick up a wide range of potential hearing health problems.

“We haven’t forgotten the ladies though! Mackay Hearing will also be doing a free presentation to the Older Women’s Network on 18 July.”

Free hearing checks will take place at Iona West Men’s Shed between 10.00am and 12.00pm on 14 June. Bookings or referrals are not required. Mackay Hearing’s friendly hearing experts will be on hand to answer any other hearing related query you may have.


Article appeared in The Midweek on 7 June 2017.

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