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Hearing properly has now boosted Derek’s confidence

Courtesy of the Daily Mercury

After fixing problems detected during a hearing test two years ago, Derek Romans’ quality of life has improved significantly.

His first test in 2017 showed a 50 per cent loss of hearing in his left ear, and a follow-up check earlier this year showed hearing loss in his right ear.

As a result Mr Romans is now fitted with two hearing aids, he said being able to hear clearly had boosted his confidence and relationships.

“It’s great, I can hear a lot better now,” he said. “Before I would constantly misunderstand what someone said. Now I can quite clearly hear what people are saying and I know what’s happening around me”.

Mr Romans has routine checks every two years at Mackay Hearing, and the local clinic is offering free hearing screens around the Mackay region during March.

Principal Audiologist Jodie Miles said hearing screens were not a diagnostic test, but a useful first check to determine if further testing was needed.

“Just as people have their teeth regularly checked at the dentist, or eyes regularly checked at the optometrist, it is recommended people have their hearing checked regularly by an audiologist,” she said.

“We can quickly establish if your hearing is fine or you require further testing.”

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Article appeared in the Daily Mercury on 12 March 2019.

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