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Have it all with Moxi All

Mackay Hearing is proud to introduce Unitron’s Moxi All™– the world’s first rechargeable hearing aid that connects directly to any smart phone*.

The new hearing aid delivers amazing sound quality and is the only device on the market connecting clients directly to conversations on any smart phone*, computer and TV without wearing a streamer, while also providing the freedom of rechargeability.

Jodie Miles, Principal Audiologist and Director of Mackay Hearing is thrilled to be offering this cutting-edge technology to the people of Mackay and surrounding region.

“First and foremost, I am impressed with the quality of sound experienced through this device – made possible by Unitron’s Tempus platform and advanced binaural performance features”.

“The ability to connect directly with smart devices and the convenience of rechargeable batteries are also standout features”.

“We love hearing about our client’s full and busy lives – the connectivity and convenience this device provides may really appeal to them”.

Mackay Hearing is offering clients the opportunity to experience Moxi All™ for themselves through a free, no-obligation 4-week trial.

“Moxi All was only released in Australia in late March, and I am delighted that people in our region will be among the first to experience this new device”.

While undertaking the free trial, participants will able to rate their experience with the device in real time, through the easy-to-use “Remote Plus app”.

“While the performance and capabilities of Moxi All™ been proven by Unitron, feedback received from our clients is invaluable”.

People interested in participating in the free trial can register by contacting Mackay Hearing on 4952 4649 or e-mailing listening@mackayhearing.com.au.

Registrations to participate in the trial must be received before 5.00pm on Friday 29 June 2018.


Further information Unitron website

Find out more about Mackay Hearing at mackayhearing.com.au or call 4952 4649.


*   Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile