What our clients have to say

We greatly appreciate our wonderful clients taking the time to provide feedback on our service.

David and Colleen, Rural View

Mackay Hearing explain everything thoroughly and in a way we could understand. Being able to trial different hearing aids was a great help. One thing we particularly liked was the aftercare – nothing was a problem and they weren’t happy until we were (not often you get service like that these days!). The result was amazing – we both hear much better now and our hearing aids are comfortable and easy to use. We recommend Mackay Hearing to anyone with hearing issues – from young children to the elderly. Cannot sing their praises high enough!

John, East Mackay

The service I got from both the girls on reception and the Audiologist was excellent. My free hearing aids [under the government hearing services program] are great. I most certainly would recommend Mackay Hearing to anyone that is in need of hearing aids – they are excellent.

Judy, Andergrove

I became aware of my hearing loss from having my hearing tested at another hearing clinic, but I wanted to see a locally based provider. Mackay Hearing fully explained my hearing loss and treatment options in simple terms. I appreciated their friendliness and knowledge and their calm and professional approach. There has been a noticeable change in my hearing – I can now hear the breeze in the trees. I recommend Mackay Hearing to anyone that needs advice and help with their hearing and with tinnitus.

Irene, East Mackay

I was referred to Mackay Hearing by my GP, as he considered Jodie Miles the best Audiologist in town. After a thorough examination to determine my hearing needs, I was fitted with quality hearing aids. I now wear my hearing aids all day, at home and in social situations, and my hearing acuity has improved markedly.

The Mackay Hearing team pay attention to every detail in hearing aid fitting and care. I found the experience much less daunting than one would expect. I recommend Mackay Hearing to people who need assurance that something can be done for all of us as we lose our ability to hear well. Jodie Miles is an excellant practitioner.

John, Proserpine

Mackay Hearing helped me by performing thorough, original hearing tests and making available a range of hearing aids to find the correct devices to suit me (and my budget). Jodie and her staff went out of their way to be extremely helpful and patient with my wife and I. I found the whole experience a lot easier than I thought it would be. We have already recommended Mackay Hearing, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone needing help with hearing issues.

Mike, Calen

After not having a good experience at another hearing clinic, my Doctor recommended that I see Jodie at Mackay Hearing. I appreciated the care and attention that I received – Jodie really helped me to understand my hearing problem. I received hearing aids that suited me, and the experience was very rewarding to say the least. I have already recommended Mackay Hearing to my friends!

Nola, Andergrove

My hearing was getting worse so I approached Mackay Hearing. Jodie helped me by testing my hearing and recommending suitable hearing aids. I really appreciated the team’s helpfulness and I found the experience to be pleasant. I recommend Mackay Hearing to anyone who needs help with their hearing.

Pam, Finch Hatton

Before visiting Mackay Hearing, I was having trouble with my old hearing aids and not hearing well. In all my appointments at Mackay Hearing, I have really appreciated Jodie’s caring attitude, expertise and clear explanations. I now have new hearing aids which give me much more clarity. I recommend Mackay Hearing to anyone that needs help with hearing problems.

Elizabeth, Sarina

I contacted Mackay Hearing on the recommendation of a friend. The Mackay Hearing team are very helpful, give excellent support and are very friendly. I now have hearing back in both ears and can hear in such places as shops and restaurants. I found the whole experience uplifting. I recommend Mackay Hearing for any hearing check-ups and hearing problems.

Don, Beaconsfield

I was not satisfied with the service from where I was going previously. Mackay Hearing helped me by listening to me and understanding my problem. The result was excellent. I liked their service and I found the experience top-quality. I recommend Mackay Hearing to people who need service and understanding.

Mary, East Mackay

I approached Mackay Hearing because I was not happy with my previous provider. The team at Mackay Hearing have a professional and caring attitude, great understanding and a sense of humour! With my new hearing aid, I now have improved clarity and volume. The experience was enlightening and satisfying, and I highly recommend Mackay Hearing.

John, Walkerston

I was looking for a non-franchise clinic with personal service. Mackay Hearing has great understanding and communication at both the front desk and in the consulting rooms.

No hearing aid is perfect, particularly with background noise. Having said that, the hearing aids provided were my best yet by a long margin. I recommend Mackay Hearing – 100%.

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