Year: 2018

7 simple suggestions for the silly season

Celebrating the year’s achievements and enjoying gatherings of family and friends is a major part of the festive season. But with celebration comes noise. The chatter of people in a concentrated area, music, excited children, even clanging kitchenware while cooking, eating and cleaning all generate noise. For people with hearing impairment, communicating in these situations […]

Sarina – you can hear clearly now

Mackay Hearing’s recent commencement of regular services in Sarina marks another exciting milestone for the region’s only locally owned hearing practice. More importantly, residents of Sarina and surrounding areas now have convenient access to Mackay Hearing’s genuine, high-quality and locally-focused hearing services. Jodie Miles, Principal Audiologist and Director of Mackay Hearing was excited to start providing […]

CASE STUDY – Success with CROS

Single Sided Deafness (SSD)(also called unilateral hearing loss) is the loss of hearing in one ear and is more common and more troublesome than most people realise. It’s typically caused by viral infections, Meniere’s disease, head or ear injuries, or as a result of surgical intervention to remove brain tumours. In addition to not hearing […]

Have it all with Moxi All

Mackay Hearing is proud to introduce Unitron’s Moxi All™– the world’s first rechargeable hearing aid that connects directly to any smart phone*. The new hearing aid delivers amazing sound quality and is the only device on the market connecting clients directly to conversations on any smart phone*, computer and TV without wearing a streamer, while […]

‘Hear With You’ group

Courtesy of 7 Local News Mackay Amelia Simpson – Reporting: Navigating a hearing loss diagnosis can be isolating and Mackay Audiologist Jodie Miles wants to help change that. She’s started Mackay’s first support group for people coping with the condition. Jodie Miles – Mackay Hearing Audiologist: “Because of that gap in Mackay, in the local […]

Hearing support group is ‘Hear With You’

A SUPPORT group for people with hearing loss has been established by local audiologist Jodie Miles. In a first for the Mackay region, the locally and volunteer-run initiative provides a supportive peer environment for people managing hearing loss. Mackay Hearing principal audiologist and director Jodie Miles said the new support group, named ‘Hear With You’, […]